An alternative design for the MotionDesign Conference FUTURE PROOF 2020at Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL.


The department of Motion Design at Ringling College of Art and Design holds a conference every year called FUTURE PROOF. It is a conference where designers in the motion design industry come and talk to the students about the professional world.

Every year a student gets to brand the conference. It is part of our junior year curriculum to pitch for the branding. In this project, we were asked to tackle the branding through mood, tone, and novelty as we built a campaign for an existing brand. Also, this was an opportunity to play with more experimental forms and techniques of animation.


My pitch didn't get picked but I had a lot of fun creating this branding nonetheless.


I started my ideation process with random visual explorations. I went into my room, and I grabbed all kinds of materials I could get. From watercolors to magazine cutouts and colorful paper. I wanted to get away from the conference brand of previous years, and I thought that maybe going at it with a DADA kind of attitude would spark some ideas.

SToryboardS & Animatic...

Stylistically I didn't follow my explorations, but it helped me come up with my final concept... Based on my early experiments, I was advised to focus on line as the guiding principle that connects all frames together.

To give meaning to my frames, I then moved on by looking at the “processes” of creating motion design work and where we can find lines in those processes. I saw lines everywhere across all mediums, techniques, and software we use. So I decided to use grids and guides as actual visual elements in the piece, thus alluding to the process of creation.


A 3D space is drawn in pencil and transforms into architectural drawings with 3D and 2D perspective elements and geometric shapes that allude to the process of creation and project planing for “the Future”. Typography is placed to create a sense of space and volume.

STyle frames - initial iterations


speaker posters*

*These posters are fictional, meaning they feature artists whose work I admire but who have not consented to come to the conference (sorry for misleading anyone 😅).